We know how difficult it can be to do business with most insurance brokers. Often it is hard to even get a quote. That’s why we’ve developed a system that makes it EASY for you to do business with us, EVEN IF YOU STAFF DIFFICULT TO INSURE SPECIALTIES LIKE PRISONS or CRNAs!

For a quote, all you need to do is fax an application you've already completed (any medical staffing liability program) to our toll-free fax line 888-889-7101.  If you would like to complete an on-line application, please click here

2,400+ health care businesses can't be wrong!!

The Solutions Group specializes in providing liability insurance and currently insures over 2,400 health care agencies (medical staffing firms, home care agencies and hospices). Because of our commitment to hassle-free service, knowledge of your business, and willingness to work with a start-up, NO OTHER brokerage does what we do!

We recognize that insurance isn't fun for you, but when you receive the Hassle Free Policy48-Hour Quote Guarantee, and the low cost, broad coverage, it will be as fun as it can possibly be!

Regardless of whether your insurance policy is up for renewal, or you are just starting, call, fax or e-mail us today and see how easy it can be to secure great coverage.

Contact Information:

Jason Miller
The Solutions Group
2211 NW Military Hwy.
Suite 211
San Antonio, TX 78213

Ph: (800) 866-2682, X101
Fax: (888) 889-7101
E-Mail: jason@solg.net
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